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Salma Salons

Time goes so fast…. within a blink of an eye your website is obsolete. Salma also realised that not only her website didn’t display everything anymore, but also the content was out-dated. So I made her a modern website that displays super on desktop and mobile devices!

Ambrosia Bistro Bar - San Pedro

Ambrosia Bistro Bar

Improvements Paul the enthusiastic owner of Ambrosia Bistro Bar in San Pedro at the Costa del Sol requested me to have a look at their website for possible improvements. The website had been built only a couple of years back and was already “responsive”, meaning that it was well displayable at mobile devices. But especially…
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Brug Jachtverhuur

Brug Yachtcharter selected us as reliable partner for hosting, maintenance and further development of their 2018 website.

Massage by Esther

Esther started her business mid 2017 and needed a low cost, but effective website that she could maintain herself.

Picnic Take Away

This website automatically presents a tailored version for desktop and mobile viewers!


Setup, design and hosting of website

Marianne Birrell Safaris

Marianne Birrell was looking for a better, but still cost-effective hosting provider. So she came to us!

Martin Kruit Music

Hosting of website. Maintained by client.

Vintage websites

A collection of vintage websites that I made over the past 16 years…